SAP Profitability Analysis Brings Together Information…

Posted by carsten hilker on October 18, 2011

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SAP Profitability Analysis brings together information from Sales, Production, Product Costing, and Overhead Management (CO) for the management of organizational and business segment profitability.

Naturally data volumes and multi-dimensional analysis requirements are a key concern in B2B and B2C businesses alike.

With the introduction of SAP HANA the processing of large amounts of data and multi-dimensional analysis basically has become a ‘non-issue’. In-memory technology paired with additional software-based features allows SAP HANA to provide instant results to even the largest business questions.

HANA provides speed not previously possible.

But what does SPEED do to CO-PA? Why is speed relevant for CO-PA?

Speed allows you to…

  • Do more in the same time
  • Dig deeper when you need

Do more in the same time – an Account Manager that reviews his key customers every Monday morning from 8 – 9 am might look at 10 of his customers today. With HANA-based CO-PA he might now be able to get insight into all of his 40 of his key customers.

Dig deeper when you need – reporting response time or limitations to the data dimensions available to you will leave you with a limited understanding of the given opportunities and issues. With HANA-based CO-PA you can drill down through all dimensions available, all the way to the line item and its information detail

Speed allows to…

  • Process complete data sets. No more archiving and data compromises. Analyze year-to-date trends, multi-year comparisons, and even pattern analysis.

Speed allows you…

  • Real-time access. Information on what deals are closed, their net profitability, success of promotions, and achievement of actual / plans targets to date … allow you to manage the business to come rather than retro-actively reviewing results you can no longer influence.

Processing of large data volumes, multi-dimensional analysis, and instant answers are key to successfully managing profitability. And SAP HANA is that enabler.

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