Rapid Deployment Solution for Operational Reporting: powered by SAP HANA!

Posted by Susanne Knopp on April 3, 2012

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Based on the acceleration in the collection of new data flowing in through enterprises extending into mobile, cloud and social networks, during the past few years, big-data has become a leading topic in the IT industry. To put this into context, in 2011 1,200 exabytes of data were created… 8x the amount just in 2005! And this trend only continues with global digital content doubling every 18 months.

This environment creates both a stress, and a very large opportunity for enterprises. On one hand, companies can risk drowning in data if they do not invest in tools to manage and disperse relevant information in a timely manner. On the other hand, knowledge is power, and to have the ability to take massive amounts of data and analyze this information like never before is certainly a place where SAP’s HANA technology has only begun to scratch the surface for our customers. Designed to accelerate the reporting and analysis of large volumes of ERP data, SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solution for operational reporting has prepackaged content that contains pre-built HANA models and SAP BusinessObjects reports and Dashboards for ERP around sales reporting, purchasing reporting, financial reporting, shipping reporting, and master data reporting. The solution contains roughly 30 reports and dashboards in different SAP BusinessObjects tools, namely Crystal Reports, Explorer, Dashboard Designer or WebIntelligence. (In the documents attached to the blog you will find the details to the included reports and HANA models.)

As always in a rapid-deployment solution, you can profit from a fixed-scope and fixed-price service offering. The customer can pick 5 reports from the list of available reports and SAP consulting implements the solution in about 6-8 weeks. If a customer wants to add further reports this is of course possible with some additional effort.

This package is a clear starting point for SAP customers into the new HANA technology – customers can optimize their core ERP reports and get a direct feeling on how the HANA technology is empowering the existing landscape. The solution can be enhanced either by the customer themselves or by partners, building up additional ready-to-run reports or additional HANA models. So after beginning with the rapid-deployment solution, customers can then explore new use cases, based on very specific needs and situations.

To build up additional reports you need the HANA studio and a little bit of experience on how to work with it. If you want to realize SAP BusinessObjects reports you need of course knowledge on these tools.

To build new HANA models, you need knowledge on your data structure originating in ERP as well as knowledge on HANA data structure and how to use the HANA Studios tool.

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