SAP HANA Technical Overview – An Entry Point to Our Revolutionary Chapter

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HANA is SAP’s newest database technology, and perhaps the most far reaching development for SAP in this decade. Would you like to know some of the deployment scenarios possible with HANA? Do you want to catch a glimpse of the overall HANA technical solutions? Do you want to understand how in-memory database deal with system failure? You may also want to know how you can load the data into HANA, or how you can leverage HANA computation capability within your system. Are you interested in knowing how HANA supports data modeling and data analysis?

Now, you can review those questions in the latest technical overview white paper to help you getting the basic answers. This white paper sheds light onto the different technological perspectives and provides a basic technical overview. It will give you a blueprint of HANA technology and will attempt to address as many topics as possible within its scope. A few new directions for HANA are also outlined in this paper, such as the new information composer tool which allows you to build a model much easier and faster, HANA scale-out capabilities, or the HANA application in the cloud. We hope that this document will help you to understand the basics of this new and cutting-edge technology.

For more details, we encourage you to pick up other HANA documents, such as Hasso’s book (“In-Memory Data Management – An Inflection Point for Enterprise Applications” to gain more insight. You can also check another white paper “SAP HANA™ for Next-Generation Business Applications and Real-Time Analytics”

As Hasso said, HANA is a revolution, and this document is an entry point to this revolutionary new SAP chapter.

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