Through the Barricades – Profitability Analysis Without Boundaries

Posted by Susanne Knopp on April 26, 2012

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To handle the massive amounts of profitability data, many of our customers aggregate their profitability data and/or use BW to speed up the analysis of data. If you or your customers

  • Have performance issues with allocations,
  • Want to improve the structure and content of reports, data model, etc., or
  • Are interested in discovering further options to improve the profitability analysis potential,
  • Don´t want long running software projects to get your return on invest,

Then, you should definitively discover the advantages of SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for profitability analysis with SAP HANA!

This rapid-deployment solution provides a quick and low-risk implementation of the CO-PA Accelerator. The CO-PA Accelerator enables real time access to massive amounts of profitability data and accelerates the run-times for cost allocations. Data aggregations won´t hinder you any more to reach the level of detail in profitability analysis your company needs – the boundaries of aggregation and not up-to-date data in BW will be broken. This is made possible by the enhanced CO-PA read module using SAP HANA as a secondary database. Thanks to the non-disruptive deployment of the solution, the end-user can continue to work in his well-known environment. For details on the CO-PA Accelerator have a look at the great blogs from Carsten Hilker on technical background and business benefits.

In addition to the speed and the new and profound possibilities of profitability analysis the CO-PA accelerator delivers, the according rapid-deployment solution delivers you the following advantages:

  • Rapid-deployment – a fixed-scope implementation service at a predictable price in as little as 3-5 weeks.
  • Predictable costs – Low, predetermined fees and clearly outlined deliverables mean no hidden fees for the delivered solution.
  • Foundation for growth – You are able to expand the SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for profitability analysis with SAP HANA individually. E.g. by adding SAP BusinessObjects tools as reporting front-end to enable a reporting environment that is flexible and, with it´s graphical self-service analytics, highly end-user friendly.

This rapid-deployment solution delivers you a ready-to-run solution with a low risk implementation. As end-customer you don´t need to care about special tool knowledge.

If you wish not only to accelerate the existing reports and transactions but also create new, flexible and easy-to-use reports on top, you might want to use SAP BusinessObjects tools. For this, you need of course knowledge on these tools. This solution will give you a new experience of your profitability reporting in only 3-5 weeks of implementation time! Have also a look on the solution on our SAP website, there you will find some more information on the solution.

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