Announcing the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer Program

Posted by David Hull on June 18, 2012

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Since the general availability of SAP HANA one year ago, there has been tremendous interest and excitement in the technical community regarding the adoption of HANA skills. This groundswell has led SAP to develop and release several offerings in support of those wanting to learn how to support and develop for HANA, the most recent of which is the release of free developer licenses for the HANA platform through Amazon Web Services.

Continuing this trend, SAP is proud to offer support to a new community-driven organization that aims to promote and encourage HANA technical expertise, called the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer Program.

The Distinguished Engineer Program will serve to bring together hands-on HANA technical experts in the marketplace in order to more easily facilitate the sharing of knowledge, lessons learned, success stories, cross-training, content and best practices. In addition to this, SAP will support this organization by providing HANA briefings, development and roadmap updates, access to resources, and joint coordination of activities at conferences and other virtual and in-person technical events. SAP will also solicit feedback from these experts regarding real-world HANA implementation experiences to use as input to guide development and product management for future patches and releases.

The leadership of the Distinguished Engineer Program consists of some of the foremost HANA Influencers and Mentors in the marketplace, including Vijay Vijayasankar, Head of SAP Forward Engineering for IBM Global Business Services; John Appleby, Head of Business Analytics & Technology for Bluefin Solutions; Harald Reiter, Senior Manager with Deloitte Consulting; and Jon Reed, Independent Analyst, Blogger, and specialist in SAP career planning and skills development. Membership criteria for those interested in joining the HANA Distinguished Engineer Program will be established by the program leadership soon and published openly.

SAP is excited at the prospect of this new and unique approach toward community-driven technical excellence, and we look forward to working closely with HANA Distinguished Engineers as we strive together to support innovative customer solutions.

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