Introduction to In-memory Data Management from Prof. Hasso Plattner

Posted by Blanka Supe on August 29, 2012

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SAP offers a unique opportunity for everyone interested in SAP HANA and In-memory technology! Now you can gain deep technical understanding of a dictionary-encoded column-oriented in-memory database and its application in enterprise computing.

The course, guided by Dr. Plattner himself, begins September 3, 2012 and requires about 3 hrs effort per week over 6 weeks.

Course summary

The online course focuses on the management of enterprise data in column-oriented in-memory databases. Latest hardware and software trends led to the development of a new revolutionary technology that enables flexible and lightning-fast analysis of massive amounts of enterprise data. The basic concepts and design principles of this technology are explained in detail. Beyond that, the implications of the underlying design principles for future enterprise applications and their development are discussed. Unbelievable things are possible and you will understand why this is true using an in-memory column-oriented database instead of a traditional row-oriented disk-based one.

Start: September 3rd, 2012

Duration: 6 weeks

Course language: English

Weekly effort: ~3h (approx. 90 minutes videos, additional 90 minutes self-study with reading material, self-test questions and assignments)

Total effort: 15-25 hours

A brief overview of the course content:

  • The future of enterprise computing
  • Basic and advanced database storage techniques
  • In-memory database operators
  • A new enterprise application development era

Please visit openHPI website to register.

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