SAP HANA Self-Learning Guide and CodeJam Events in China

Jordan Cao

Posted by Jordan Cao on September 5, 2012

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Last month, SAP hosted its first SAP CodeJam events in China. The events focused on SAP HANA and were held on Aug. 16th in Shanghai and Aug. 22nd in Beijing. The main objectives of the events were to offer support to the local online developer community through an offline, face-to-face, hands-on coding experience, and enable developers to learn at their own pace based on the information that SAP experts shared with them at the beginning of the event. Participants were given a very simple application example with backend data storage & processing (HANA) and data representation (BI/Dashboard). The application used HANA as the analytic platform to process personal spend transaction data. They also received a self-learning guidebook with detailed steps to successfully build their applications.

We had a maximum of 100 slots available in total for the two events for which we received over 250 requests for registration. Here are some pictures from the events:

The example data and the dashboard template file can be downloaded from here.

The English and Chinese versions of the self-learning guidebook can be downloaded here:

As the HANA community is growing and we have more and more on-line learning materials, the self-learning method is important to help developers train themselves. We will develop multiple cases with detailed guidelines and explanations to guide developers to build their applications. We hope this can motivate developers to learn and think about the development of in-memory applications. We strongly suggest developers to expand and add more features to their sample applications and share them with others on the on-line developer community.

The SAP CodeJam events are taking place around the world. LikeSAP CodeJam on Facebook, follow SAP for Developers on Twitter, and bookmark the SAP CodeJam page on SCN to stay up to date with future events. For information about SAP technologies as well as tools and resources available to developers, visit

Note 1: SAP provided free HANA server instances through Amazon Web Services. The HANA related modeling and coding tasks in the self-learning guide can use this free HANA server instance from AWS. For more details on how to get the free HANA instance, please check this link. For installing the R environment, please read this blog.

Note 2: The data representation used in the example for the event uses BoE and Dashboard which are not provided by the AWS environment – you will need to find a BoE environment.

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