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Posted by Patricia Faissol on October 3, 2012

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By Vishal Sikka

At the Oracle Open World keynote this week, Oracle repeated what Hasso showed years ago – “Everything is in memory…Disk drives are becoming passé.” We are, of course, glad they realized this. With SAP HANA, our customers have been benefiting from this reality for more than 18 months now.

And yet Oracle made statements that are clear distortions and misrepresent HANA. It has become something of a recurring theme, to mis-state and distort things. As industry leaders, we must do better. It behooves us to tell the truth to our customers, our partners and our employees. We do not serve our stakeholders well by mis-statements and omissions of key things we know to be true. They deserve better. History deserves better. It is true that HANA represents a fundamentally new, rethought, database paradigm, and is receiving tremendous success in the market. Perhaps it is its disruptive nature that threatens the status quo of database incumbents. Perhaps it is some other reason. Regardless, I find myself once again setting the record straight.

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