Vishal Sikka Announces SAP HANA One: SAP HANA Platform on the Public Cloud

Posted by Swen Conrad on October 16, 2012

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First take from a long-time user of the SAP HANA platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Let me get started with the facts before I expand on my own experience with SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Vishal Sikka announced the availability of the SAP HANA platform available in the public cloud during his TechEd keynote which was packed with exciting news this morning! The brand new offering – called SAP HANA One – is being hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can be consumed via the AWS Marketplace. SAP HANA One allows anybody – including SAP customers, SAP partners, independent ISVs or SAP itself – to build and deploy breakthrough SAP HANA solutions with minimum upfront investment in a do-it-yourself and pay-as-you go fashion.

Starting up an SAP HANA instance on AWS takes only a few minutes, plus some time to download, install and configure SAP HANA Studio. If you have done it before, all those tasks combined will take much less than 30 minutes. And if you have never done it before, we put the required steps at your fingertips at

What are good SAP HANA One use cases?

While it provides you the end-to-end platform capabilities of SAP HANA, SAP HANA One is limited to 60GB of main memory (using currently available AWS instance types). Half of that is required to run the database itself – leaving you with about 30GB left over for data storage. With data compression that ranges up to 70% in some customer examples, this is a good amount of space – but not enough to run an entire company on. Therefore, SAP HANA One is best suited for departmental use cases instead of company-wide deployments.

Building and deploying these use cases play a critical role in your ongoing innovation initiatives as a company. SAP HANA One helps make that innovation easier by delivering on its promise to get mission-critical breakthrough applications up and running quickly without any upfront investment and at minimal ongoing cost. Have a look at these three examples, one from SAP, one from a partner and the last one a showcase of a custom solution:

  • SAP EPM onDemand for Expense Insight is a solution powered by SAP HANA One. Providing department managers with real-time insight into their expenses, this solution is commercially available via the AWS Marketplace right now.
  • Taulia is an expert in helping large organizations reduce their total spend. An early adopter of SAP HANA One, Taulia has build an application that enables companies to do extensive risk profiling of payment accounts in real time (
  • Sentinel is a showcase application running on SAP HANA One. This application fuses algorithmic trading with deep text analytics to boost investment portfolios, time trades, and find the hottest stocks via social media buzz.

All three are good examples of what customers and partners can develop and deploy using SAP HANA One on AWS.

So Why am I so Excited About this Announcement?

Way back in the dawn of SAP HANA, I had the job of getting some SAP HANA test-drive demos up and running on the web site. Things were moving fast (and have not slowed down since then). My team needed to go live with the demos in time for a keynote address by Vishal last year. We had no time to wade through a formal purchasing process, so I decided to use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud option. Result: Our SAP HANA demos worked and performed beautifully and have run ever just as well ever since. Make sure to check out the test drives if you have not done so yet.

As with SAP HANA One, the key value proposition for me and my team was to use the SAP HANA platform with little upfront investment. The thought of purchasing hardware for the deployment of online demos gave me hearth burn. AWS was the solution to the problem. In the end, we were able to deliver close to 10k demos in one month alone.

How to Find out More about SAP HANA One?

Visit us at TechEd Las Vegas!

For anybody at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas this week, please visit us in the Clubhouse and look for the kiosk with the title “SAP HANA One”. There you’ll find advice from SAP HANA and AWS experts. You can also get your own promotional $25 coupon to be used on AWS for deploying SAP HANA One.

Not in Las Vegas? No problem!

For anybody else who did not make it to TechEd, we have documented all the facts and necessary steps at This link also guides you to a discussion forum on the SAP HANA website enabling community support for SAP HANA One. The first 2000 customers logging on to this community support page may request a $25 AWS coupon for use on AWS.


I hope you are seeing the potential that SAP HANA One provides to SAP customers and the ease of use and speed to deployment of a true breakthrough SAP HANA solution.

I am sure the new offering will take you implementation …

from Design time to Run Time in No Time at All!

Feedback and questions are encouraged!

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