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Jordan Cao

Posted by Jordan Cao on November 5, 2012

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We have a Chinese vesion of this SAP HANA One Exercise blog.

Have you heard of the SAP HANA One? SAP has just announced the offering aiming to provide database-as-a-service in the public cloud. There are two type of SAP HANA One types: SAP HANA Developer Edition and SAP HANA One Business Edition. And the services are provided by multiple public cloud service providers. You can find the different providers and instructions from this blog: Right now, we have four providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), KT ucloud biz, SmartcloudPT, and CloudShare.

All of them offer the SAP HANA Developer Edition for personal usage with a free development license. You can find more information from this blog.

And so far, we only have SAP HANA One Business Edition from AWS, which is a single instance hosted on AWS that can be instantly certified for production use. If you have more questions about SAP HANA One business edition, please check the FAQ on If you are looking for more details, please visit the SAP HANA One website and this SAP HANA One forum. Remeber, there is a fee associated with using AWS charged by Amazon. Please read this page for the fee structure to use EC2.

Based on AWS offering, the following tables explain the difference between two SAP HANA One editions on AWS.

HANA One.jpg

In this blog, we want to provide you a simple SAP HANA One Exercise. You can try, experience, and learn SAP HANA from this Excise. For this purpose, we recommend you to use the SAP HANA Developer Edition. You can choose any service providers listed in that blog, and follow the instruction in this blog to create your own SAP HANA developer edition instance. But there will a fee involved to use these services, besides the free SAP HANA developer edition offering by KT ucloud biz.

If you want to choose AWS services, either SAP HANA Developer edition or the SAP HANA One Business Edition, SAP offers a $25 dollar credit to help you going through this simple example. It allows you to use the system for 5 or 6 hours, enough time to finish this application.

NEWS: Now, we can have a 100% free SAP HANA developer edition on KT ucloud biz. They provide free SAP HANA instance until Feb. 2013. Please follow up this blog for the detailed instruction.



  • Following the process to create your HANA developer edition instance, configure your instance, download SAP HANA studio, and connect your SAP HANA studio from you instance. After you created your own SAP HANA developer edition instance, go to this link, where you can find the downloads for the SAP HANA studio and the SAP HANA client.


  • Once HANA is running and connected from modeler studio, start your exercise and copy the result. Please follow the attached pdf (“HANA_Exercise.pdf”)! The exercise includes all detailed steps to build a model in your SAP HANA developer edition instance and all the SQLScript source codes are included in the attached (“code.txt”) file. Use the codes in this file. Do not use the code in the PDF file. The input data (transaction.csv) is attached too.
  • Once you are done, please make sure you do the following
    • Understand the fee structure and clean the instance to avoid additional charges (please read carefully about their charges from the service provider you choose)
  • Whenever you encounter any problem, please stop your instance and post questions into this blog.


  • Create your own SAP HANA Developer Edition instance and do a simple practice on it.
  • Understand the basic SAP HANA modeling. More advanced SAP HANA modeling will be expanded in other exercises.
  • Know how to use the developer tools (SAP HANA Studio) and how to create views, execute the views, check the output, write the SQLScript codes, and so on.

For AWS instances, you need to know more details before you begin. The following introduction is just a quick summary. This blog will be updated and include up-to-date instructions. Please check this blog for more details.

You need to know the followings to start SAP HANA developer edition:

  • Have or create an AWS account
  • Have an understanding of the AWS EC2 Management Console
  • Know basic SSH commands or tools to connect a Linux instance (read “Connecting to Linux/UNIX Instances from Windows Using PuTTY“)
  • Know how to perform the following tasks in AWS EC2 Management Console
    • Generate key-pairs
    • Connect to an EC2 instance
    • Stop, start, and terminate EC2 instances
    • Delete EBS volumes
    • Check account activities

If you are new to AWS, please understand these steps from AWS. If you are already familiar or a user of AWS, please read SAP HANA developer edition FAQ. Please check the attached pdf (“Process to Create HANA One V3.pdf”), which includes the detailed instruction to create your own SAP HANA developer instance. Once you get the $25 dollar coupon, please redeem the coupon at Use the time wisely, and enjoy trying SAP HANA developer edition.

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