Third Party BI Certification Program for SAP HANA

Balaji Krishna

Posted by Balaji Krishna on December 3, 2012

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With the release of HANA SPS05, SAP has opened up the 3rd party BI certification for SAP HANA and customers can look forward to having their non-SAP BI tools certified on SAP HANA. The purpose of this certification is to go beyond just issuing SQL statements and to provide a more integrated solution (like SSO, hierarchy visualization, LCM etc.) when connecting to SAP HANA as a data source since these are common requests that we hear from several HANA customers even when working with SAP’s native BI tools.

Some of the requirements that are included in the certification are

  • SSO thru Kerberos, SAML and pass thru of HANA Analytical Privileges from BI front end
  • Support for HANA Views (Analytical, Calc Views etc.)
  • Turn off caching on BI front end
  • Support for HANA variables and hierarchies.
  • Enable LCM of runtime objects in HANA repository (including non-SAP BI artifacts like reports, dashboards etc.)
  • Integrated error handling and monitoring

We are already working with several BI vendors and planning to have our first certified BI vendor in early 2013 depending on the lab testing.

The steps for participating in the certification program is to apply thru SAP ICC team and then work with SAP HANA Product Management to validate if the above requirements are met and finally execute the necessary test scripts required for passing the certification. The certified partners can be tracked thru a SAP Partner Information Center.

Here is a list of BI Partners certified on SAP HANA BI (SQL/MDX)

Microstrategy, IBM Cognos, Arcplan, Information Builders, Birst and Bissantz.

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