How Are You Going to Service Mobile BI?

Posted by Robert Klopp on December 13, 2012

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If you google “How many Fortune 500 companies are implementing mobile applications”, the results are telling… for example Tim Cook the Apple CEO suggests “almost every” Fortune 500 company will deliver BI to iPads and iPhones. The question is how will your company support complex BI queries from mobile clients?

One answer will be to limit the queries to a narrow set of “easy” queries that are prepared or can be answered by a narrowly prepared cube. But these workloads have been running on conventional BI infrastructure for ages and rarely meet the < 2 second services level required by a mobile device (and remember this is 2 seconds to the device not 2 seconds for the query).

The right answer is to provide a 2 second response to most queries, to the most valuable queries, and sometimes to complex queries… not just to the easy queries. These queries are not just from employees they come increasingly from customers. It is not a rhetorical question to ask: how are you going to service your mobile customers?

Technology has constrained BI for a while. The constraints have made it difficult for IT to delight their constituents. IT has had to limit what can be delivered to create narrow applications for customers and to support only a narrow band of queries for BI. Even this can be a strain. Current BI infrastructure is often at the edge, tuned to the max with little room to support new requirements. If you try to add mobile client requirements to this infrastructure it can be costly. The expense of people resources to re-design, and then re-tune to the max, to service mobile clients will be daunting. The time associated with these re-design and tune projects can be substantial and delaying the benefit of mobility to the business.

Have a look at our One Petabyte Test results here. HANA serviced over 100,000 queries per hour simulating 5000 concurrent users with a mixed workload of simple, complex, and very complex queries and the worst performing query had an average response of 3.2 seconds with all other queries completing in under 2 seconds. HANA just runs this fast; this is not a tightly tuned workload designed for marketing purposes; this is a lab where we push to find HANA’s limits.

Mobile computing is here now. Enterprises need to solve for this quickly and without risk. With HANA you can throw hardware and software at the problem, not people. Throw HANA at the problem and you gain infrastructure that is fast and agile without tuning, without pre-joined data, without aggregates, without cubes, without large project expenses with every new set of requirements. The benchmarks and customer testimonials demonstrate the unmatched performance of HANA. HANA is platform that can be the basis for BI on mobile devices without strain and without risk.

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