FeedZai Gets Funding

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 1

An interview with Nuno Sebastiao, CEO of FeedZai, and Anders Ranum, Venture Partner at SAP Ventures, reveals Nuno’s secret to getting funded by SAP Ventures.

  • Have a captivating pitch
  • Ability to differentiate your solution in the market
  • Focus on application specific solutions that are prepackaged to add value
  • Great team members to back you

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Aleks: How did it begin?

Nuno: We applied for the Palo Alto and Dublin Forums.

Aleks: How did your pitch go?

Nuno: They were all impressed, as far as I can see we were the only ones running on top of SAP HANA. They were kinda surprised, “How did you get a hold of HANA?” Answer: we hacked into it. Not really hacked into it, we asked a client to run our solution on top of it. Fast forward, we managed to prove that our technology works on top of SAP HANA. We showed up on these guys’ (Startup Focus) doorstep, both here (Palo Alto) and in Dublin and basically proved that it can work.

Aleks: Anders Ranum, your take?

Anders: We met at the Startup Forum, as we hope to see a lot more new companies there. Never met before, never heard of them. Got briefly introduced here (Palo Alto). Nuno had a top line pitch. Sold me straight on the pitch to at least take a follow up meeting. We are pretty excited about FeedZai and what they can bring to the table. Their abilities to differentiate in the market and not to be understated, their fairly large market opportunity with payment processing and fraudulent detection.

Aleks: What made up your mind?

Anders: The value proposition around FeedZai and the team behind it. We thought this was a no-brainer if they could actually execute a product with what they are doing. Within thee minutes of talking to Nuno, I knew that this is something we wanted to pursue further.

Aleks: Nuno, your advice to other startups?

Nuno: If you really want to succeed you need to focus on not another platform but on application specific solutions. Concentrate on having a solution that is as prepackaged as possible that adds value.

Aleks: How do you feel about getting SAP Venture funding?

Nuno: Its a big achievement but now the real work now begins.

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