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Posted by Dorothea Sieber on January 22, 2013

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Did you attend last week’s tweet chat, but the screen was moving too fast to follow? Or maybe you missed it, but are interested in the current hot topics within the community? If you keep reading, I promise you will learn more about HANA and the most recent announcement, SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA.

Once again, you blew us away with your engagement during the chat. Our participants Steve Lucas, Harald Reiter, Jon Reed and John Appleby were busy screening through the questions and responding near real-time. We had more than 380 tweets and a record amount of 85 questions within one hour! THANK YOU!

1. SAP HANA in the Cloud / SAP HANA One

Based on the number of questions, the most popular topic was really about SAP HANA offered in the cloud and SAP HANA One and specific use-cases in this area. You can find the most current HANA use-cases at: and more information about SAP HANA One at

Q: @robsausa: Wanting to develop HANA apps. Apart from Amazon is there any other way to rent HANA? #SAPChat

  • @nstevenlucas: RT @robsausa: Apart from Amazon is there any other way to rent HANA? #SAPChat SL: Yes – Savvis and other 3rd parties provide this
  • @tweetsinha: @PuruGovind Korea Telecom, Portugal Telecom too #sapchat

Q: @robsausa: For rented HANA option is SLT available and if so, how much? #SAPChat

  • @tweetsinha: @robsausa HANAOne no SLT now, needs CSV, BYOL model will automatically get the traditional HANA package with SLT for #AWS #sapchat
  • @applebyj: @robsausa HANA One does not include the rest of the database suite. On-prem SLT is required. #sapchat

Q: @2jainamit: What is SAP’s direction – to push for on-premise like on HANA or to go cloud way like CRM On cloud?


  • @applebyj: @2jainamit Well in the end, it’s all going in the cloud – but a lot of customers still want on-premo so SAP will support both. #sapchat
  • @hreiter:@2jainamit Customers choice – onPremise, Cloud or Hybrid #sapchat

Q: @2jainamit: so What is HANA one on AWS cloud used for? Any use case? #SAPChat

  • @nstevenlucas: RT @2jainamit: so What is HANA one on AWS cloud used for? #SAPChat Embedded in cloud apps needing fast DB perfect use case – startups, etc
  • @applebyj: @2jainamit Sure – departmental, PoCs, smaller data marts #sapchat
  • @vijayasankarv: @2jainamit you can use it for POCS, analysts can run specific adhoc analysis including predictive etc #sapchat
  • @SAPInMemory: @2jainamit One of our @SAPStartups @Taulia is running #HANA One. #SAPChat

Q: @2jainamit: HANA one on AWS is for hosting custom developed Apps ? Business suites is not on SAP HANA one. #SAPChat

  • @applebyj: @2jainamit You can use HANA One for anything – the suite just won’t fit. #sapchat
  • @nstevenlucas: RT @2jainamit: Just to be clear – HANAone was NOT built to support business suite. 32GB working mem WAAAT 2 small #SAPChat

2. SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA

Just one week after the launch, there were a lot of questions around the Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. Especially how the announcement impacts customers with non-SAP databases. If you want to hear the details yourself, you can watch the full announcement at:

Q: @Konijnenburg: Anybody have an example on how OLTP and OLAP will merge? Embedded analytics? Can I run #visi on ERP (views?!). Can I model the DB? #SAPChat

  • @tweetsinha: @Konijnenburg yep – you need to see the SAP Business Suite #HANA Analytical Foundation – you can build visi views on top #sapchat
  • @hreiter: @Konijnenburg Look here: #sapchat

Q: @vasanthsri: #sapchat Is SAP stop their support to the companies who are all using SAP on other DB.

  • @nstevenlucas: RT @vasanthsri: #sapchat Is SAP stop their support to the companies using SAP on other DB. SL: We continue to support 3rd pty DBs!
  • @vijayasankarv: @vasanthsri not at all – still commited to other DBs..check the suite on Hana announcement from @vsikka #sapchat
  • @NathanOyler: @vasanthsri No, we will continue to support other databases, and companies that use them. #SAPChat
  • @puneetsuppal: @vasanthsri SAP provides choice to customers. Customers can choose to continue with other DBMS – will not impact support #SAPChat

3. SAP HANA Customers

Customers are always a very important topic in the community and one of the most valuable sources of information. Most of us, trust customer reviews over advertisements. You can see some answers related to customer stories for the SAP Business Suite powered by HANA below and we will keep posting new videos on

Q: @HansLoekkegaard: I have customers without an extensive SAP Biz suite but is wondering how effective HANA would be with non-SAP Data? Any stories? #sapchat

  • @tweetsinha: @HansLoekkegaard too many to tell – the entire @SAPStartups have 150+ non SAP application use cases #sapchat
  • @SAPInMemory: @tweetsinha @HansLoekkegaard you can find them at #SAPChat
  • @Hreiter: @HansLoekkegaard Extremely effective with non-SAP data – there are quite a few customer success stories on that #sapchat

Q: @tpowlas: Are the @SAPCIO / #SAPRunSAP team trying out Business Suite on #Hana #SAPonHana #SAPChat ?

  • @vijayasankarv: @tpowlas yes they are…talk to @nathanoyler on details #sapchat
  • @applebyj: @tpowlas Yes – @sapcio and team have been testing it for a year. #sapchat

4. SAP HANA for Developers

One topic very close to our heart is to make it easy for developers to try out SAP HANA and get more experience using it. Therefore, Vishal announced at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando last year that SAP offers free HANA developer licenses. Find out more in the SAP HANA Dev Center on SCN.

Q: @scireal: I joined d #sapchat late.@nstevenlucas Pls can I get d SAP HANA developer licence?I would love to feel d power of HANA. Thank u in advance

Q: @robsausa: @applebyj for all SAP’s talk abt getting smaller dev shops involved it’s not a very well thought out plan. Too expensive. #sapchat

  • @nstevenlucas: RT @robsausa: @applebyj for all SAP’s talk dev shops involved #sapchat SL: If you want a developer license of HANA I will give you one.

I want to thank you for your interest in HANA and making our tweet chats a lot of fun and also a big thank you to our participants, answering all the questions!

Is there anything else you really want to know about SAP HANA, but you’re not sure where to find the information? Ask us by commenting below and we will make sure to find answers or set up another tweet chat.

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