Modeler Unplugged Episode 4: Flat file upload via HANA Modeler

Posted by Suneet Agera on January 23, 2013

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Have you ever wanted to build some prototype models and test them in the SAP HANA modeler but faced a roadblock that the required table definitions and data are not yet in the HANA database? You have some sample data in a .csv or .xls(x) file, but you do not have OS level access to the HANA database server in order to place the files and then load into tables in the HANA database. The flat file upload is a graphical feature in the HANA modeler, available from SP4 onwards, and can be used to upload data from the modeler itself. The feature creates a new table in the HANA DB and proposes the columns based on the file structure of the .csv/.xls(x) file and also suggests the data type of the table columns based on the data in it. No special authorization is needed to use this feature; however, one would need access to the schema in which the table has to be created. The following video shows the creation of a new table on basis of a csv file and also how to add data to an existing table from another csv or xls file.

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