Get $120 to Start SAP HANA One and See How it Can Transform Your Business

Posted by Nicole O'Malley on February 22, 2013

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Data seems to be more and more the lifeblood of business. Access to data found anywhere and everywhere is in high demand. But getting all that data is an issue and getting the analysis needed can be painfully slow or won’t happen at all. At SAP we know that HANA can break those barriers. And, now that HANA is in the cloud, this only further allows for access to this remarkable technology.

Another great thing just happened. SAP HANA One and AWS just launched a promotion for HANA One that runs until March 31st. Users get a $120 credit towards AWS infrastructure costs once they use 10 hours of their instance. This self-service deployment option gives the benefits of in-memory computing regardless of what systems businesses are running.

As part of the HANA One marketing team, I’m most excited about these three use cases:

· Merge data from various sources for end-to-end analysis

· Prototype, test, and go live with breakthrough ideas to drive innovation

· Run high-demand, short-term projects or run applications full-time and offer them commercially

If you haven’t had a chance to check out HANA One yet, take a quick look to learn more at the AWS market place.


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