SAP HANA Startup Challenge – Nurturing Big Data Startups

Posted by Manju Bansal on April 19, 2013

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In the last couple of years, Big Data has gone from being a mere buzzword du jour to being a reality that is beginning to make a significant impact in all facets of our public and private lives. Whether it is social media sites serving finely tuned ads on the fly, or cities & government agencies delivering better services to their citizens, the impact and the potential of Big Data is only now beginning to be realized.

Not only that, Big Data is also influencing how IT departments spend their cash. Gartner estimates that Big Data will drive US$120 Billion of IT spending in 2013, almost doubling to $232 Billion by 2016. Fueling this rise is also a solid increase in investment by the venture capital community – while it is difficult to get a firm count on the number of current startups operating in that space, the top 40 Big Data startups alone have received over $1.2 Billion in funding thus far, according to a report by CrunchBase.

SAP has its own Startup Focus program, a very successful grassroots-based initiative that provides technology, support, resources and community to startups to help jumpstart their development and accelerate traction in the marketplace. “Our technology, your imagination” – that is the mantra that the SAP Startup Focus program has espoused.

Currently, the program is working with a number of startups globally that are working with SAP HANA and bringing their Big Data, Predictive or Real-time Analytics solutions to market. As part of this push, SAP has announced the “SAP HANA Startup Challenge” where companies that are already part of the Startup Focus program will get a chance to showcase their solution/s before 15,000 SAP enterprise customers and get to share their Big Data vision with senior leadership from SAP. Not only that, but the big reveal will happen at SAPPHIRENOW, which is the premier event that SAP hosts annually and which attracts tens of thousands of IT professionals, giving these Startups an unparalleled opportunity to get their message out on a global level.

The Startup Challenge awards will be in the following categories:

  • Most Innovative – Recognizes the most innovative and ingenuous solution that takes SAP HANA into uncharted territory.
  • Most Transformative – Recognizes the solution with the highest potential to change an industry and how end users or consumers perceive it.
  • Most Social Impact – Recognizes the solution with the greatest social benefit to the largest number of people. Change the world!

As the noted author and analyst Geoffrey Moore said, “Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” For startups operating in the Big Data space, the SAP HANA Startup Challenge offers the fast ramp to success, with no metering lights.

Interested? You can get additional details about the contest here – Entries are due by midnight (PST) May 5, 2013.

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