HANA Curious – Hadoop Integration

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 4

SAP’s HANA and Hadoop, how do they play together today?

The holy-grail, from analyst to executive, is having access to and analyzing data in real-time with on-demand real-time decision making. The current paradigm to handle this challenge is to use Apache’s Hadoop in a “batch” mode. The drawback of such an approach is that real–time access to data and trends becomes near impossible. With SAP HANA Hadoop integration, the impossible becomes reality as a natural extension to address “batch” mode short-comings.

An example: to achieve an approximation to a real-time solution, is to have SAP HANA, with its real-time data replication support, and use SLT or Sybase replication (roadmap) to load changes in the data into the system, as they occur. Companies like T-mobile and Honeywell have already taken advantage of these real-time analytics to get ahead of their competition by delivering a much more agile experience to their end customers. The solution can be extended to other domains as well. MKI is another customer which is using this powerful combination of SAP HANA and Hadoop to reduce the time it takes to perform genome analysis when treating cancer patients.

The success of this solution is endorsed by agreements with companies like Cisco and EMC, which have partnered with SAP, to create big data real time analytics packages enabling companies to tame the huge amounts of data in their enterprise and make informative decisions out of it.

As a step towards achieving real-time predictive analytics, there are a number of avenues that SAP is exploring. SAP announced a partnership with Intel at STRATA 2013, to utilize Intel’s distribution of Hadoop. This enables SAP to take advantage of the Intel’s optimizations of Hadoop, while in no way constraining it from using other distributions of Hadoop or even other technologies. We envision that it will be exciting times for everyone using and working with big data and going forward we can expect elegant solutions for real-time decision making both from our start-ups and from the larger SAP community.


Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel, Solution Architect for SAP Startup Focus Development Accelerator team, helps early stage companies, across a wide spectrum of domains, adopt the SAP HANA Platform. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Ranjani Ramakrishnan

Ranjani Ramakrishnan, Data Scientist fore SAP Startup Focus, is currently pursuing her PhD in Computer Science, focusing on problems from Computational Biology.

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