The Startup Great Wall of China

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 4

In Steve Blank‘s latest blog on entrepreneurship in China, he mentioned, “If you’re a software startup competing in China, the words that come to mind are “ruthless and relentless”. The large players like Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent historically would be more likely to simply copy a startup’s features than to hire their talent.” China has also managed to build its own market leaders in ecommerce, search and social media such as, Baidu and Weibo; while making it difficult for established players such as eBay, Google, and Facebook to capture a piece of China’s 700 million internet users (and growing!)

However, big-data has provided the opportunity for many startups to gain market share in various industries in China, many companies are still trying to figure out how to use the information to generate new revenue streams. GFT China, founded by the former CTO of the Shanghai Futures Exchange and NYMEX has been working with the SAP Startup Focus Team to build a cloud-based social and app store platform for financial professionals and investment managers to generate high returns for their clients in the Chinese stock market. Beijing MiaoZhen, founded in 2006, processes over 2TB of data everyday to help advertisers, agencies, and publishers manage and enhance their online advertising displays. Beijing Miaozhen, another participant in the SAP Startup Focus Program is now the leading third-party advertising company in China with clients such as Nike, Unilever, P&G, Adidas, IBM, and Coca-Cola, and Shell. These startups have a significant advantage over internet giants such as Baidu with a targeted analytics; and an advantage over foreign companies such as Google Analytics . (Google’s servers are based in Hong Kong and Chinese users require additional support for the Google Analytics interface.)

I joined the Market Enablement team on the SAP Startup Focus Program two weeks ago and have had the opportunity to talk with many passionate entrepreneurs about their ideas on how they can change the world with big data. I look forward to these exciting times in building relationships between big-data startups and SAP.


Andy Yen

Andy Yen, Market Enablement Manager for SAP Startup Focus, is an MBA candidate at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

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