What’s Cooking this Year for SAP HANA Apps at Orlando

Amr El Meleegy

Posted by Amr El Meleegy on April 25, 2013

Sr. Director, SAP S/4HANA Product Marketing

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SAP’s HANA Application portfolio continues to grow and expand day by day adding new industry and line of business focused applications and upgrading existing ones with new capabilities and functionalities. These HANA applications all focus on helping companies leverage their growing data to solve specific business problems in ways that were not possible using existing legacy technologies because of speed, cost and complexity related reasons.

Earlier this year SAP launched 3 new HANA powered applications focused on the Sales and Marketing lines of business. The 3 fully integrated applications are packaged in an offering called SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence and are designed to allow companies to leverage their customer data to develop a deeper understanding of the present and future value of their customers. Through this deeper customer understanding enterprises can then start engaging with customers with more personalized sales and marketing strategies and customized product offerings to enhance the overall customer experience and strategically increase their revenue and margins.

At the SAP Insider Las Vegas event in March, SAP announced the launch of another innovative HANA application that helps the private and public sectors tackle the trillions of dollars that are lost every year in fraudulent activities. SAP Fraud Management uses the power of the SAP HANA platform to detect, investigate and prevent fraud. I was personally at that event and witnessed the customers and analysts excitement and positive response to the application. Of particular interest to them was HANA’s ability to help fraud investigators run real-time calibrations and simulations on very large volumes of transactional data to optimize fraud detection rules and minimize false positive fraud signals. With that, the workload (and cost) of fraud investigation team can be significantly reduced while increasing the accuracy of fraud detection.

I will be demoing these new HANA applications as well as some additional ones at the SAP HANA Discovery Zone on the Database & Technology campus at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando this year. This will be an ongoing activity throughout the entire event so you can drop by at any time. However, if you are worried that you might forget given all the exciting activities going on at the event then I recommend you mark it down on your on your agenda right now. You can search and add the session to your calendar on the agenda builder using Session ID (SID): DT611.

I have compiled below a list of some of the other exiting HANA Applications that I will be showing at the HANA Discovery Zone on the Database & Technology campus (SID DT611) as well the SIDs of some other demo theatre and microform sessions that will be focusing on these applications at the event.

Hope to see you all at the event.

SAP Demand Signal Management helps manufacturing companies in Consumer Products, High Tech, and Automotive industries enterprise their downstream market and demand data.

Demo Theatre SID: 94410

SAP Fraud Management helps businesses and governments detect, investigate and prevent fraud and abuse by detecting and uncovering hidden trends in large amounts of transactional data.

Demo Theatre 54998

SAP Customer Value Intelligence provides a single view of customer value across front and back office systems and helps Sales and Marketing Executives sell more by targeting the right segments, uncovering cross and up selling recommendations, and investing the right resources into the right customers, products and channels.

Demo Theatre SID: 94642

SAP Account Intelligence delivers real-time customer insight and personalized selling recommendations directly to field sales on their tablet devices to uncover sales opportunities and sell more on the go.

Demo Theatre SID: 94642

SAP Audience Discovery & Targeting provides Marketers with powerful real-time targeting and segmentation functionalities combined with the ability to leverage predictive capabilities that help them build and run more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Demo Theatre SID 64955

SAP Working Capital Management helps Financial Controllers monitor and analyze their Days Sales Outstanding in real time by uncovering and resolving root causes of working capital changes to improve the company’s liquidity and overall financial health.

Demo Theatre SID 94540

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