My Runway Rocks the Sapphire Catwalk

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Seth Godin said it best on his keynote last night: “Art is the human act of choosing to connect, and SAP is all about connecting”.

What better way to showcase SAP art than to demonstrate the experience of an every-day shopper that is walking into a retail boutique and connecting to the retailer in truly innovative ways?

By showcasing our high-end boutique, “Lucia & Daniel” (You can stop googling it now, it is a fictional brand we created for the showcase), we were able to walk the attendees through the end to end experience of how we are empowering retailers to connect to their customers in meaningful ways.

With advances in mobile, social and cloud technologies, SAP has unprecedented opportunities to engage consumers in new and meaningful ways. Consumers’ expectations have risen, but we are uniquely positioned to help companies create a new level of consumer engagement that brings together the latest in mobile, cloud and analytic technologies with our SAP HANA real-time data platform.

Through the retailer showcase, we are illustrating how applications such as the newly released My Runway can generate real-time consumer insights, deliver personalized, engaging consumer experiences, and create a more responsive enterprise.

Stop by ‘Lucia & Daniel’ today and let our team share the SAP art with you. You can also do a little bit of “Sapphire Window Shopping” while you are here.

If you are reading this post Sapphire, not a problem. Take a moment to download My Runway and let us delight you with a new fashionable side of SAP.

Check out this short video with some of our visitors’ reactions:

The Retail Showcase at SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 – YouTube


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