Preview the SAP HANA IDE Lite on SAP HANA One

Posted by Thomas Jung on May 23, 2013

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One of the planned new features of SAP HANA SPS6 (due at the end of June) is the inclusion of new browser based development tools for SAP HANA native application development. These tools make it fast and easy to get started creating html, server side JavaScript, and OData services directly within SAP HANA. No longer are you required to install the SAP HANA Studio and Client if you only need to do some basic development object creation or editing in the SAP HANA Repository. This means you can be coding your first application within seconds of launching a SAP HANA instance.

The usage of such browser based development tools is particularly appealing to cloud-based SAP HANA development scenarios, like SAP HANA one. You only need access to the HTTP/HTTPS ports of the SAP HANA server and avoid the need for any additional client side software installation. A browser pointed at the SAP HANA server is all you need to begin development.

For this reason, you can now preview the SAP HANA IDE lite on SAP HANA One. The recent update of SAP HANA One to Revision 52, also contains this early preview of one of the new SAP HANA browser based development tools.

There are even some videos to help you get started using this new browser based development tool.

There is a video to show you how you can install this optional, preview of the IDE lite onto your HANA One Revision 52 system:

SAP HANA One – Installing the IDE Lite

There is a brief introduction view which gives you an overview of navigation and basic capabilities of SAP HANA IDE lite:

SAP HANA One – Introduction to IDE Lite

This video focuses on creating and testing REST Services written in server side JavaScript:

SAP HANA One – IDE Lite for Server-Side JavaScript

Finally this video demonstrates creating mobile enabled user interfaces with the SAP HANA IDE lite tool:

SAP HANA One – IDE Lite for Mobile

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