SAP University Alliance Student Dakuto Shitamura Winner for UA Challenge

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 5

We asked SAP University Alliance students about why they want to work in big data startups. Many answered but only one could win. The winner: Dakuto Shitamura, student at California State University Los Angeles, thinks big data has a long way yet to go and he definitely wants to come along on this big data startup ride. Thanks Dakuto!

In his own words:

Why I Dream of Working with Big Data? Today, the amount of data is increasing exponentially. The volumes of data in many industries are now at the point where it is no longer efficient to flip through pages of data manually. This phenomenon is no longer limited to industries with traditionally large amounts of data to process such as retail, finance, and medical industries. With increasing competition in the worldwide marketplace, demand for efficient data analysis and retrieval is growing and will most definitely continue to grow.

As a student studying information technology, the demand for increased application of SAP HANA in business and further development of the technology has never been so obvious. While businesses are already showing thirst for real-time data retrieval to increase efficiency in their analytical and operational processes, in my opinion, the true potential of real-time processing does not lie within such confined spaces.

The key idea resides in the fact that technology in efficient real-time data processing can be implemented in very lightweight hardware platforms. When the first iPhone was released in 2007, the innovative product enabled users to virtually have a portable PC in their pocket. However, with the data stored in the cloud combined with an innovative real-time processing platform, I dream of empowering users to retrieve data of all sorts through even lighter hardware platforms. The potential cannot even be measured.


Aleks Swerdlow

Aleks Swerdlow, Sr. Community Manager for SAP Startup Focus.

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