Another 37 projects to influence SAP’s planned solutions built on SAP HANA

Posted by Marco Dorn on June 11, 2013

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Dear SAP HANA customers,

We would like to invite you again to engage with SAP throughout the definition and development of future functionality which is built on top of SAP HANA. Through the so-called Customer Engagement Initiative, you can register regularly for development projects of SAP which are about to start and where you can provide regular feedback. The engagement usually takes place in virtual webcasts but as well face-to-face interaction at your company site or at an SAP location.

On this registration page, you can browse through more than 65 projects of which 37 are related to SAP HANA. After providing your email address and selecting your relationship to SAP on the second page, simply select the filter “SAP HANA > ALL” and hit “Apply filter” on the third page to see the list of projects. This time, the registration is open until June 28th.

Example projects are:

  • Analytical Applications for CRM on Hana
  • Data Enrichment with Third Party data on HANA using Master Data Governance Enterprise Edition
  • Embedded Analytics for Simplified Financials based on HANA
  • HANA XS Lifecycle Manager: Introducing Transport Control for HANA Delivery Units

A registration is only for a first phone conference per project. After that discussion with the project lead, you can decide to join the full project.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to add a comment to this post.

Best regards,

Marco Dorn

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