Tremendous Momentum in the Suite on HANA Partner Community

Posted by Peter Schlaak on June 17, 2013

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The first time SAP decided to include the partners into the Ramp-up right from the beginning of a product launch was Suite on HANA. It shows tremendous momentum in the partner community. From all over the world more than 160 partners showed their interest in downloading the software packages between December 2012 and May 2013. The first ones were even starting minutes after the availability of the software. Several of the partners downloaded all the available applications including the SAP HANA Live packages.

With the software in their hands the partners started immediately in three areas:

  • Test internally the software
  • Educate their staff on the new software in sales,
    support and operations
  • Transform their existing Software solutions into
    HANA optimized Solutions

Let us take a look in detail what happened:

Partners are known in the market for their special expertise in dedicated areas, so for example one partner is known for his business know-how for the Swedish wood industries while another one is very good in adjusting HR processes like payroll in global companies with a headquarter and several subsidiaries. So it is no surprise that with the availability of the software we see partners eagerly testing the SAP Standard on the new HANA environment for their specific business model. Solution Partners for instance were scanning and comparing their software solutions based on ABAP like Add-ons or even Industry round-offs with their previous environment. Until today we hardly see any complaint that the Partner Code is not working after the migration on the Suite on HANA environment. Of course due to the underlying environment the partners realize a different behavior. The standard optimized SAP code is faster while the Partner code itself needs some attention. In order to support the partner in that SAP is providing the tool CodeInspector in the ABAP development environment. With this tool a trained developer can easily optimize his own coding. The CodeInspector is pointing him to statements in his coding where he can improve the performance of his software. Usually these are ‘SELECT *’ statements but also quite a number of other code patterns.

We also see that partners are exploring the software even beyond the official boundaries as they are testing SAP industry functionality before these industries were even released in Q2.

Talking with Partners about the potential of Suite on HANA we see that with the software in their hands the Partners start not only testing but also believing in the product as well as generating new ideas to solve longtime questions in their area of expertise. We as SAP will support the Partner in doing so as with these innovations our Partners can stay ahead of the competition in their core business.

Next time we will talk about the sales activities in Suite on HANA at partners.

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