Turnkey SAP HANA Cloud Hosting with Savvis

Posted by Tim Beerman on June 19, 2013

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As I talk to senior leaders across multiple industries, more and more businesses are realizing that implementing SAP HANA will result in exponential speed improvements for databases housing truly massive amounts of data. Whether in support of internal applications, SAP Business Suite, or BusinessObjects instances, these innovations are expected to have tremendous impact on a business’s ability to perform near real-time analytics and reduce traditionally long-running business processes like Materials Resource Planning (MRP), Invoicing, and Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) cost allocation and profitability reporting to fractions of their original run times. This is a huge value that is hard to ignore for anyone we discuss this with.

While such performance improvements may seem like magic, SAP HANA achieves these gains by pairing an appliance solution with Intel hardware that is pre-configured by leading server vendors. Taking advantage of SAP HANA deployed on premise, means going through a requisition process, ordering the specialized hardware from an approved vendor, waiting weeks for it to arrive, having internal staff install and configure everything, then auditing the install for performance and compliance.

Now, in partnership with Savvis, SAP HANA can be up and running in a matter of weeks through a managed hosting solution.

Almost all CTOs and technical staff tend to appreciate the ease with which hosting allows them to manage and scale their infrastructure; however, I do understand there can be some hesitation around outsourcing security and support to a third-party.

While each situation is ultimately tailored to the needs of the customer, Savvis’ standard hosting offerings I believe can directly address these concerns.

First, Savvis maintains more than 50 data centers with multiple redundant Internet backbone connections and networks capable of handling SAP HANA’s exponential bursts in data transfer. We have designed Savvis’ hosting solutions with compliance requirements in mind.

Furthermore, Savvis proactively monitors network, application, and server utilization as a result we could optimize performance well before end users notice an impact.

“Savvis has been great at developing a solid understanding of AHA’s business needs and technical challenges and then working with my staff to develop flexible, cost-effective solutions. I view Savvis as a valuable extension of my own staff.”

— Jack MacKay, VP and Chief Information Officer of the American Hospital Association

Since there’s no better way to understand the benefits of SAP HANA than to see it running your own applications, Savvis can create a proof-of-concept instance for you to evaluate SAP HANA using your real data – we even have the ability to do the data migration for you.

According to me, SAP HANA has fundamentally changed the way businesses can maximize the vast stores of data at their disposal. The only question remaining is how to integrate it quickly.

If you have any questions about SAP HANA running on Savvis Infrastructure, please email us at sap@savvis.com

Tim Beerman is vice president, managed hosting business unit, at Savvis, a CenturyLink company.

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