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Thomas Zurek

Posted by Thomas Zurek on June 20, 2013

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A few days ago, I discussed the ideas and concepts behind the HANA EDW with a customer. As the discussion went along and as we delved into the details of what it means in tangible terms I showed him two screens of what is planned to come with HANA Studio in the context of BW 7.4 and HANA shipments end of 2013 / beginning of 2014. In the end, he commented that this has given him a pretty good and tangible idea of what is depicted by the “HANA EDW bubble” on the right hand side. So, as this has been valuable I want to share this via this short blog. Please beware that this is work in progress and a preview that might be adjusted or changed in the course of development.

Below, you see two screens of a current dev version of HANA studio showing

  • Fig 1: the editor for building a BW composite provider* – a typical modeling artifact if you model in BW, i.e. in the orange “BW-on-HANA” area of the “HANA EDW bubble
  • Fig 2: the modeler / editor for an analytic view – a typical modeling artifact if you work on native HANA, i.e. in the blue “SQL EDW” area of the “HANA EDW bubble

Basically, by changing the perspective you switch from one end to another. So the look&feel becomes one. Furthermore you can use, for example, an analytic view inside a BW composite provider, meaning that the tools are harmonised and complement each other. This hopefully gives you a sense that the HANA EDW is becoming a tangible thing and is not only a label on a slide.

Fig 1: Current version of the BW composite provider editor inside HANA studio.

Fig 2: The editor of an analytic view in the HANA modeler.

* The BW composite provider has been introduced in BW 7.3 (on HANA). In BW 7.4 (on HANA), it is planned to become a generalised version of a multiprovider, e.g. also allowing a join operation between infoproviders beside the existing union. There will be further options.

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