The Frontiers of Continuous Medicine with USAIN

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 6

We are living in a data driven economy and almost everything is digitized. Whether it is genomic representation of humans or 3-D printed objects, data forms the core of every industry. Through the new data driven economy, the healthcare industry is becoming data centric.

To lead the way, United Software Associates (USAIN) is taking charge within healthcare to build the industry’s first real-time disease tracking and prediction solution using SAP HANA. Through SAP HANA’s ability to do advance data management the solution analyzes data coming from “always-on” devices and applications, as well as historic, enterprise, social media, web data, to determine and predict diseases in real-time.

The age old saying “prevention is better than cure” is truer now more than ever before. However prevention requires continuous monitoring and intervention at the right time – prevention requires continuous medicine. As medical advancements are enabling us to live longer, most countries are exponentially increasing their spending on healthcare. Continuous medicine mitigates treatment costs by identifying trends across large sets of unstructured data and deriving quantifiable insight into individual health data.

Healthcare is not the only industry to be drowning in large unstructured data. Every industry can benefit from SAP HANA’s ability to do advanced data management and to look at large, unstructured data sets at near real time speeds.

As a company we have been re-inventing ourselves every 7-8 years. As a serial entrepreneur, for over 15 years I have created successful ventures that are part of large public companies. We are in startup mode once again with our HANA based data management solution development efforts around healthcare.

To pursue industry transformation using latest technology you need to know what is technically feasible and with SAP’s market leadership it makes it a lot easier for small companies like us to succeed.


Sam Bhat

Sam Bhat, President & CEO, United Software Associates & IsoftApps

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