Big Data Giving In-Home Care a Hand

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 6

Data about day-to-day patient health activities (medications taken, exercise performed, ADLs, IDLS, etc.) and health status (biometrics, symptoms, observations, etc.) adds a lot of new unstructured data to a patient’s file. Rich, patient-generated data helps in both treatment and medical research.

Unfrazzle takes in these new types of data and makes it easier for users to remember and keep track of their self-care and family caregiving tasks. It enables patients and their family caregivers to be more adherent to the patient’s health plans, staying in-sync and informed about each other’s actions.

Non-adherence to health plans is considered one of the biggest problems in healthcare. Making it easier for patients and caregivers to be more diligent when adhering to health plans results in to better health for the patient and less stressful for the caregiver. Since most health care is provided in the home the burden of family caregiving can be overwhelming for many.

The success of these health plans depends largely on the quality of information provided. Providing a better mechanism to capture in-home patient information helps patients and their family caregivers to better execute regimens.

There is enormous potential for more and better technologies to meet the needs of self-care and family caregiving — see this recent keynote delivered in Stockholm, “Health Technology for the Other 99%“. The current version of Unfrazzle is just a start. The product will be enhanced and expanded over time, and connected with complementary products and services. Data analysis, visualization, and decision support will all benefit from big data products and services.


Rajiv Mehta

Rajiv Mehta, Founder at Unfrazzle

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