Healthcare Data, You, and Startups

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 6

Healthcare startups face unique challenges in adoption, practice, and policy. The first ever SAP Startup Forum for Healthcare and Life Sciences brought four panelists together for a dynamic discussion about healthcare startups, led by Amit Sinha, SVP, Database and Technology Innovation Marketing.

Kathryn Myronuk Marco Smit Sean Chai Dr. David Delaney

Kathryn Myronuk

Director of Research and Faculty Lead for Synthesis and Convergence at Singularity University

Marco Smit

President of Health 2.0 Advisors

Sean Chai

Director of Innovation Technology Services at Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Dave Delaney

Chief Medical Officer for Healthcare at SAP

We sat down afterward to recap the highlights. All four panelists brought up the need for startups to pay closer attention and adhere to healthcare policies as well as the need for interoperability with existing solutions and a multidisciplinary approach.

“We are in the 1990’s Internet of Healthcare.” Kathryn states, comparing the likeness of healthcare today as what the internet looked like in the 1990’s. There is a huge opportunity for someone to step in and become something like the Wikipedia for patient medical records or build the API’s to integrate and connect all the various care provider services and available health information.

“Getting the data is just step one, it is really about what can you do with it.” Marco brings up. Companies need to take on “the deluge of data, turn it into knowledge and actionable information to distribute to the folks making discussions in the trenches to help drive better care.” says Dr. Dave.

Data is at the core of the new era of healthcare, “When you talk to CIO’s they are literally drowning in data.” Dr. Dave comments. Both new healthcare policy and new technology are paving the way for new practices and insights.

Health startups are popping up with amazing, whacky and most of all disruptive technologies that are finding a wide open and welcoming industry that wants to move forward yet still protect the patient. “Startups are often tremendous technologists, they have amazing ideas and wonderful engineers but they often need our help to think about their technology in the unique context of healthcare” cautions Sean.

It’s a new world upon us with always-on devices, retail health, and the power of cloud accessibility in healthcare. Strap in, comply, and start changing the world.


Aleks Swerdlow

Aleks Swerdlow, Sr. Community Manager for SAP Startup Focus.

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