Delivering Business Value Using SAP HANA and Hadoop

Perhaps you’re already using SAP HANA or you’re thinking of doing so because it can analyze and process data really fast. You’ve also heard of Hadoop and how it can be used for analyzing Big Data in the 100s or 1000s of terabytes. Maybe you’ve already got SAP Business Suite running your business and want to understand what Hadoop means for you, or perhaps you’re a start-up that is building a solution that will use Hadoop alongside SAP software. A key question you will need to answer is when should you use SAP HANA and when should you use Hadoop? Moreover, how can you use both together at the same time alongside SAP business applications … and do it in a way which will maximize value for you and your business?

Rohit Tripathi and I have recently authored a CIO Guide called “How to Use Hadoop with your SAP Software Landscape” (you can ) that aims to answer exactly these types of questions. It’s for people and businesses who want to find out more about Hadoop and what it can be used for so that you can start scoping, architecting and building SAP HANA/Hadoop solutions that deliver business value. It isn’t a detailed technical “how to” for integrating Hadoop and SAP HANA, but it will help you work out what your strategy and plans for Hadoop should be. Specifically it covers:

  • Big Data Definition which provides a high level overview of Hadoop and contrasts it with a conventional RDBMS and SAP HANAFour main uses of Hadoop.png
  • Key Scenarios which describe the four main ways in which a business can benefit from using Hadoop (see diagram)
  • Reference Architecture which shows how SAP HANA, Hadoop and other SAP software, including SAP Business Suite, can be “plugged together”
  • Sample Use Cases which provides four use cases of how SAP customers are actually using Hadoop and SAP HANA together
  • Hadoop Implementation Guidance which provides good principles and best practices to follow when implementing Hadoop as well as suggestions on how to organize an initial Hadoop project, and
  • Future Trends … Hadoop is continually evolving and improving, this section outlines some of the major trends and how SAP is planning to keep up with them.

… and if you have any questions or comments please add them below.

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