Here Is The SAP HANA Roadmap – Your Wish Is Our Command

SAP HANA is evolving at a faster pace than most of us can keep up with . We have been working tirelessly across the organization to make HANA better by adding new features and functions, making existing functionality even more robust and incorporating feedback from our ecosystem.

As Vishal Sikka and Hasso Plattner have often mentioned, HANA is a modern and open platform. So when some of you pointed out recently that the HANA roadmap was only available in our service market place, we took it seriously. HANA is not only for for our existing customers and partners – it is for everyone. And this means – developers, future customers et al need access to our product direction, even if they don’t have access to service market place. Our thanks goes to the ecosystem for alerting us to the need of having the roadmap in public.

With SP6, HANA has become even better . There are several useful additions and improvements to HANA that will interest you. The roadmap has details – but a few things I would like to highlight are Hadoop integration (part of the smart data access), Natural Language Processing in 31 languages, including automatic language detection, Spatial data types and functions, several improvements in XS engine development options and the modelling studio, even more library functions like DBSCAN, more sophistication for HA/DR etc.

And if that is not exciting enough, please check the sections on what is coming up in future (of course, this is a roadmap with the usual caveats ).

There are many more – please read the document , and I am sure you will want to try it out right away, Well, you are in luck – The developer edition is now at SP6 rev 60. If you need help , please ping the team at

One last thing – as I mentioned before, the pace of innovation on HANA is accelerating all the time. And while we will try our best to keep the roadmap updated here, the best place to find the latest information will continue to be SAP Service Marketplace.

So, without further ado – here is the HANA Roadmap , ladies and gentlemen

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