Smart Data Access (Data Virtualization) with SAP HANA

SAP HANA SP6 was released recently and one of the key features included in this release is the smart data access, which allows customers to combine SAP HANA data with other heterogeneous data sources like Hadoop, Teradata, SAP Sybase ASE and SAP Sybase IQ.

With smart data access (SDA) you can expose data from Remote Sources as Virtual Tables and combine these with other data in HANA physical tables using HANA models. The ability to apply HANA predictive, planning and text search algorithms to this combined data set offers a unique advantage to customers.


Some of the most common use cases for smart data access are

  • Customers can access IQ as an archived storage to store cold data in IQ and real time hot data in SAP HANA
  • Address Big Data challenges by connecting to Hadoop using the Hive interface
  • Create Applications by running HANA models across disparate data sources

Key technology components that support this integration are aspects like Functional Compensation which allows push down of filters, aggregates and semi-joins to the remote sources so that most of the processing is done at the remote source and only smaller datasets are transferred across the network for joins in SAP HANA. Along with this the Functional translation provides the ability to manage the syntax variations between HANA and the remote source.

By extending HANA Studio to support Virtual Tables and the security requirements for accessing these remote sources HANA customers will be able create new or extend existing data models to take advantage of this new feature. The monitoring feature of SDA provides statistics on how long it took for the query to run on the remote source and also provides Query Plan to visualize the plan all the way to the remote source.


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