HANA Curious – SPS 06 Deployment: Smart Data Access, XS Workbench and more

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 7

There are a number of new features and enhancements that have been made in the SPS 06 update for SAP HANA. The SPS 06 development edition has been made available in the SAP HANA Development Center, launch your own latest SAP HANA instance and try it out.

Updates and features:

  • SAP HANA Smart Data Access: Smart Data Access enables remote data to be accessed as if they are local tables in SAP HANA, WITHOUT copying the data into SAP HANA. You can create virtual tables and point to remote tables in different data sources while using the same SQL query to operate against these virtual tables optimized by the query processor. This capability enables the development and deployment of the next generation of analytical applications that integrate data from multiple systems in real-time regardless of where the data is located.
  • SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS) and the Web-Based Development Workbench. The new Workbench is intended for developers who need to perform more robust development tasks without the need for the full SAP HANA Studio. With this, Mac users are now able to do development, including create and editing files, checkout, commit and activate objects in the SAP HANA repository. Mac users should delight in this browser based functionality which removes the need to install a virtual machine to run a Windows or Linux for the full SAP HANA Studio.
  • Server Side JavaScript Outbound Connectivity: The new outbound connectivity application-programing interface (API), XSJS-based applications can call various external resources via HTTP/HTTPS and this can be a way of combining real-time data from multiple sources or gathering data to store into SAP HANA.
  • XSODATA Create/Update/Delete: An OData application running in SAP HANA XS is used to provide the consumption model for client applications exchanging Odata queries with the SAP HANA database and now the create/update/delete operations are supported in SPS 06. In addition, you can implement SQLScript procedure to validate the data as the exit mechanism before making changes to the database.
  • Update for Text Analysis: New and improved language coverage have been introduced. Languages Dutch and Portuguese have been added to the option EXTRACTION_CORE and language Simplified Chinese is added to the option EXTRACTION_CORE_VOICEOFCUSTOMER with the major fact types include Sentiments, Problems, Requests and Profanity.
  • Predictive Analysis Library: New in SPS 06, developers can create procedures using the BFL and PAL functions without writing any SQLScript code in a new graphic editor in HANA Studio called SAP HANA Application Function Modeler.

For more features and updates for the installation and system administration, refer to the release document for details:



Eric Du

Eric Du, HANA Development Expert for SAP Startup Focus.

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