Time Management through SAP HANA with TimeGirl

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 7

Where to go, what to do and how to find the time to do it? Managing your daily life can be a busy challenge, one that TimeGirl hopes to solve using SAP HANA.

TimeGirl mines data about users to recommend future parties, events, meetings and appointments. Using SAP HANA’s text based analytics that can predict correlations and more importantly causations, TimeGirl plans on isolating noise from signal to accurately recommend future events.

SAP HANA provides TimeGirl the speed of in-memory processing and some text analytic libraries to mine user data and identify the right signals before making predictions. A hybrid solution of social and artificial intelligence will validate possible activities by cross referencing schedules of friends and co-workers.

Getting our hands on SAP HANA has been effortless. As are new members of the SAP Startup Focus, SAP has been very supportive right from the get-go. Once we submitted our SAP HANA plan, the Startup Focus team enrolled us in training programs. An SAP solution architect specializing in SAP HANA is working with us currently to help built the TimeGirl HANA POC.

TimeGirl will become the one stop shop for all time management needs. We will be an app and a website focused on the right insight for user preferences. We and our product will evolve alongside the user. We see TimeGirl as a social AI assistant that will bring focus and cut the noise.


Brian Shanbhag

Brian Shanbhag, Developer for TimeGirl.com

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