Vertigent Looks to SAP HANA to Clean Up the City of Phoenix

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 7

Vertigent, Inc. seeks to connect people with landfill alternatives through services built around a comprehensive recycling directory that is unmatched in the industry.

According to the city of Phoenix, Arizona USA, over one million tons of solid waste is taken to the city’s landfill each year. This total amount and volume of material could fill Chase Field – the largest baseball arena in Arizona – top to bottom at least seven times each year. Thankfully, the City of Phoenix decided to do something about by looking to Vertigent, Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ. Jonathan Minder, Director of Corporate Strategy at Vertigent, states that, “The City of Phoenix is committed to 40% landfill diversion by 2020.”

Currently, Vertigent solutions focus on a materials based search approach to recycling but Jonathan is excited about the product based search capabilities that can be built on SAP HANA. Such a solution would enable real-time proper disposal of over 360 materials making Vertigent the most comprehensive source of information of how and where to recycle virtually anything.

Vertigent already works with many customers from companies like Lowe’s and Green Mountain Coffee through its current offerings that range from raw data feeds into its unprecedented based on its national database of recycling sites platform to its range of full professional services surrounding end to end recycling management.

Lowe’s stores, a national hardware warehouse chain, with the help of Vertigent, has enabled its customers to fine recycling center most near their homes or businesses and even get customers to recycle in store. “Having a customer in store at the end of a product life cycle is exciting from the point of view of our retail customers”, says Jonathan. The vision for Vertigent lies in the convergence in location and data on SAP HANA where customers can experience Vertigent solutions on mobile devices all over the United States.

Looking forward, Vertigent is excited to build current and future solutions on SAP HANA for the speed and flexibility that the database can provide. Vertigent is looking to capitalize the investment in its recycling database by building further solutions on top of a SAP HANA powered solution. Vertigent will evolve to provide a full suite of professional services surrounding recycling and end to end lifecycle management for companies. Real time disposal will become event more important as location driven mobile devices drive our decision making. Vertigent seeks to be the leader in the movement towards this real time recycling information space.



Liam Miller, Startup Focus Program at SAP

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