Warwick Analytics and the SAP Supervisory Board – One Helluva Flight

Article appears in SAP Startup Focus Newsletter – Issue 7

Dan Somers

Vishal Sikka, member of the Executive Board of SAP AG, Dan Somers, Warwick Analytics, with and Hasso Plattner, the cofounder of SAP AG, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAP AG

Dan recounts his experience at being invited to the SAP Supervisory Board Meeting July 9th, 2013:

"Meeting the Supervisory Board of SAP was always going to be memorable, although perhaps even more than I bargained for!

It started with my flight from London to San Francisco being cancelled due to the recent Asiana incident. United Airlines put me on a flight to arrive Tuesday afternoon. In an un-British way I explained that I had to get to get there for Tuesday morning for this meeting. No option.

To be fair the assistant did everything he could and I ended up on a 4-leg trip to Charlotte, Atlanta, Salt Lake City overnight and then SF although just for extra drama the SF flight was diverted to San Jose where we were not allowed to de—plane, roasted on a runway for 3 hours and then a bonus fifth leg which landed in SF and I was whisked to the meeting by a patient driver just in time!

My crumpled state was soon well forgotten when I finally found myself in vigorous debate about the virtues of in-memory computing with the executives that I had (with the brief exception of Hasso and Vishal) only previously seen at Sapphire presenting their keynotes.

It was an extremely proud moment for me personally to receive the award after just a year of engagement with SAP and a huge credit and gratitude to everyone in the SAP Startup Focus Program who helped get here. This is only the beginning, what an exciting time to look ahead into delivering innovative solutions on HANA for the manufacturing industry.

Like my air journey, I'm sure there will be many twists and turns yet!"

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