What CEOs Need to Know About Hosted SAP HANA

Posted by Tim Beerman on July 26, 2013

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SAP HANA brings unparalleled agility to the modern enterprise: the ability is to make better business decisions faster. You can adjust prices to the market in minutes or offer real time specials to consumers at checkout based on their purchases. You can create reports in minutes, rather than hours, to pivot with up-to-date information.

The problem with deploying SAP HANA on fixed infrastructure is that it’s not agile. It can take months to procure, set up, and upgrade. Managed hosting is agile by nature. It can be where you need it when you need it for your business, and it can grow as your needs change. The agility of the managed hosting model is a possibly better match for SAP HANA’s agility than fixed hosting infrastructure.

Hosted SAP HANA is flexible.

The most important thing to realize about hosting SAP HANA is that it affords a great amount of flexibility. You can enjoy the competitive advantages of its speed no matter how your company is set up.

For example, whether you need to host additional SAP software, link applications with SAP HANA, or house legacy equipment in the cloud, SAP-approved provider Savvis has a hosting solution that can accommodate your existing situation. Savvis can even do the migration for you, saving your valuable IT resources for proprietary activities.

It’s also faster.

Not only is managed hosting more convenient for your IT team, it’s also considerably faster to set up. It could take a long time to order specialized equipment capable of running SAP HANA from approved vendors and wait for your team to install high-impact, mission critical applications. Hosting companies already have these servers available to engage in as little as 45 days. That saved time provides your developers with a crucial headstart on the competition.

And it’s cheaper.

Not only will managed hosting save you the expense of additional equipment, power, security, and floorspace in your data center, it counts as an operating expense on your tax return. This moves you away from a capital expense, increasing your savings and investor returns. With cloud hosting you have a set annual cost, making it easier to predict earnings.

We’re happy to chat about your unique situation. If you have any questions about SAP HANA running on Savvis infrastructure, please email us at sap@savvis.com.

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