Join the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineers for a HANA Deep Dive

Posted by David Hull on August 5, 2013

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Attention all IT professionals interested in in-depth education on development and modeling with SAP HANA. In case you didn’t see this announcement over on SCN, the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineers will be holding a full-day technical education event on August 20th, 2013, at Medtronic in Mounds View, Minnesota (near Minneapolis). I am re-posting the announcement here:

We are excited to announce the first stop along the Road to SAP HANA Expertise, with your guides, the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineers.

The Road to HANA: It’s a beautiful thing!

This is the perfect opportunity to join us in person at this free event, hosted by Medtronic in Mounds View, MN. Virtual access will also be available (stay tuned for details on that).

This valuable, information-filled day will include SAP HANA Modeling and Development in depth, with your enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, HANA Distinguished EngineersWerner Steyn, Rich Heilman, Thomas Jung and Kiran Musunuru!

Here is what you will encounter at this juncture in your journey:

SAP HANA Modeling

In this session, participants will gain insights around advanced SAP HANA modeling practices. There are a wide variety of approaches to create content in SAP HANA; with options comes not only flexibility but also responsibility. Whether you are an SAP HANA XS developer, accessing SAP HANA through ABAP or creating Analytical applications the aim of this session is to make you aware of some of the different possibilities and how they can best be used to solve business requirements.

Topics for this session include

· Overview of the various modeling artifacts

· General recommendations, lessons learned, tips and tricks

· Several real world examples & demos

SAP HANA Native Development

In this session, we will introduce various techniques for building applications on SAP HANA. We will explore OData and server-side javascript services and show you how to push down data centric processing logic into the SAP HANA database via the usage of SQLScript. Explore both major application server layers, ABAP and HANA Application Services, and how they can each be used to build or adapt applications to leverage the power of SAP HANA.

Topics for this session include

· XS Overview & Architecture

· Development Environment

· Odata and Server side Javascript services

· SQLScript Procedures & Debugging

· Development aspects of ABAP on HANA

Whether you’ll be there in person or online, if you want to reach HANA technical enlightenment, your participation is required! Please sign up in advance here: Registration Form.

The Road to SAP HANA Expertise starts in the Twin Cities. Don’t be left behind!

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