SAP HANA Live is generally available!

On August 13th, SAP HANA Live, SAP’s strategic solution for operational real-time reporting on HANA, has passed the final quality gate and is now generally available for the market.

You might ask yourself “An operational reporting solution called SAP HANA Live? Wasn’t there a different name for it?”

Yes, in fact, the name used to be “SAP HANA Analytics Foundation” when I blogged about it last time.

What I wrote back then is still true, so I do not repeat it all here. You just have to replace the term “SAP HANA Analytics Foundation” with “SAP HANA Live” (and we are all glad we finally found a rather short name for it).

Since Q1/2013, we continued, as promised, to expand the scope of our virtual data models. In ERP Logistics we added virtual data models for the Project System, in CRM we are now also delivering models for the Interaction Center, and for insurance companies we now offer models for claims and policy management.

All-in-all SAP HANA Live is now delivering 2000+ HANA virtual data model views and we will continue to grow this number.

Thus, the value of SAP HANA Live for our customers is increasing again as even more ad-hoc business questions can be answered based on operational real-time data and implementation stays as easy as it was:

Just deploy HANA Live on your HANA system, launch one of the BI clients we recommend and pick from one of the predefined query views (if you run a side-by-side approach, of course you also need to set up the replication using the SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server).

The list of BI clients we recommend for a usage with SAP HANA Live got a new member: SAP Lumira.

The others, which were lready recommended last time, are: SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office and SAP Crystal Reports Enterprise.

All of those clients can easily access real-time data through SAP HANA Live views and support customers in their need for pixel-perfect reporting (Crystal), explorative analysis (Lumira, Explorer) office integration (Analysis for Office) and creating Dashboards.

We also worked on the applications on top of HANA Live: “SAP Invoice and Goods Receipt Reconciliation” received a make-over on the UI and we added lots of features our ramp-up customers asked for. The analytical capabilities of the “SAP Supply Chain Info Center” were significantly improved. The same is true for SAP Access Control Role Analytics, while the colleagues working on “SAP Working Capital Analytics, DSO Scope” (WCA) focused on developing a framework for the cool user interaction that will allow us to develop additional KPI-based applications with the same look&feel as WCA in shorter development cycles in the future.

Besides the development work, we also had lots of talks with customers. It was interesting to see how customers confirmed our message that the combination of SAP HANA Live, SAP BW on HANA and SAP BI is perfectly covering all analytics uses cases. This is made easy by a two-way integration between SAP HANA Live and SAP BW: From a SAP BW InfoProvider, SAP HANA Live views can be generated and consumed with BI clients (already available with HANA SP5 / SAP BW on HANA 7.30 SP8). And: HANA Live views can be consumed by SAP BW as data sources (available with HANA SP5 / SAP BW 7.30).

As usual, we are providing additional information at the known places:


Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer (update available by end of August)

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