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Kris Stono

Posted by Kris Stono on August 28, 2013

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Having seen many a presentation and screenshot from lab based examples of SAP HANA Live queries, I thought I’d share something from the ‘real world’. The query itself is pretty straight forward and is part of the standard SHAL delivery (BillingDocumentQuery), so no extensions or changes, just out of the box. However, the information provided by the query has an impact far larger than just a list of billing documents!

Lets explain the volumes first:

VBPA – 1 billion

VBRK – 55 million

VBUK – 80 million

…there are more tables but the data volume is not really significant when compared to the 3 biggest tables.

SHAL use case is ‘side-by-side’ so HANA is not a primary database in this scenario.

So lets throw a Month End related question at the query, something like ‘give me all the failed Billing documents due to an error in the accounting interface…by billing document number’. This is done with only one filter which is the client, so no sales org, no dates…no key fields!!

The example below was recorded in real-time using manual navigation (on a track-pad ), with a total execution time from login to result of 45 seconds!!

(ignore the credits as this is something that YouTube inserts…)

The result is rather amazing!

  • Average response time is below 8 seconds (something that I understand was a benchmark set by Hasso).
  • The impact on the user interaction is obvious i.e. no background jobs that are forgotten about letting the issue grow till the last days of month end close.
  • Errors can now be identified and resolved well before they cause true issues.
  • Aggregated view across the whole system irrespective of timeframe…who knew there were errors still showing in 2006!!!

I will not get into the real-time KPI/Analytic opportunities provided by this single query, as that is something for another blog, but you can see the possibilities and apply to your own requirements.

The test was done on a ‘pre-prod system’ with volumes representative of production. I hope to have productive usage by next week!

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