What Makes SAP Big Data Special ?

Posted by Vijay Vijayasankar on September 11, 2013

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Every vendor out there is touting big data – and at some point this leads to confusion. And since it has a different meaning attributed by each person that talks about it, I thought I will give my 2 cents on what makes SAP’s big data story unique.

1. Big Data = HANA + Hadoop +….. = Analytics + Transactions

SAP HANA is the (not so secret) key ingredient for SAP’s big data solution, aided by other software like Hadoop. All the innovations like MPP, scale, real time, predictive and so on of HANA, together with all the benefits of technologies like Hadoop and IQ. When rest of the world thinks of big data – it is mostly along the lines of analytical applications. But SAP big data is positioned for analytical AND transactional applications.

2. Big Data = Big Value + Big Easy

That is essentially the “big deal” about big data. SAP will make it easy for customers to handle Volume, velocity , variety etc of data, and give very sophisticated analytics via our SAP Hana data platform. The value of big data is the quality of insights you get from it – and that needs more sophistication than conventional BI. And we will make it easy to use – easy to administer, easy to consume, easy to extend and so on. You choose the deployment model that is right for you – keep it inhouse, or move it to Hana Enterprise Cloud.

3. Big Data = Big Precision + Big Context

Historically, BI was focused on precision, with probably an assumption that context is provided elsewhere for the user. Big data will change that. Now you can have the great precision that our BI platform provides, and put it in a context that is useful for the people consuming the insights. Not only will you know exactlyhow much to collect from your customers for their purchases, you will also know what else is happening with that customer within your company, and in the external world.

4. Big Data = Right Time + Infinite growth

Quality of insights lead to actions only when it is delivered at the right time. In many cases, right time is real time. By combining the power of SAP Hana for lightning fast responses ( with deep predictive abilities etc), and the almost limitless ability of hadoop to store and process data – you get the best of both worlds. And it is not just Hana and Hadoop – there are other rock solid , highly scalable systems like Sybase IQ that you can tap into using our platform.

5. Big Data = Ask any question, any number of times

Conventional applications are built on predefined requirements. You figure out the queries, the data model , the ETL and so on in great detail before an app gets built. The downside of this process is that it takes a long time , and it works only for predefined questions. With big data, SAP brings the IP of the hundreds of data science projects (including things cool stuff like machine learning) that gives you a jump start on getting value out of big data initiatives

6. Big Data = Platform + Applications + Data Science + Deployment

SAP provides a platform that is easy to develop on (with plenty of educational materials available) , solid integration from Hana to other big data solutions like Hadoop and IQ, top of the line prebuilt applications (which can be extended as needed ) , a large pool of the best data scientists you can find anywhere, and a choice of deployment options. And not only that – we are making all of these better in a continuous process.

I am very keen to get your perspective on whether this positions SAP Big data as unique – and what else you would like to see. Also, as always – feel free to ask questions .

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