What COOs Need to Know About Managed Hosting for SAP HANA

Posted by Tim Beerman on September 16, 2013

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More companies are discovering how SAP HANA quickens everything from sequencing genomes to delivering real-time marketing offers. Not only does it give companies that rely heavily on IT a competitive advantage, it also allows all organizations to streamline reporting and other data-heavy applications.

SAP HANA has enormous potential to improve productivity of many operations. Nongfu Spring, a huge CPG in China, realized a 35 percent decrease in transportation costs through SAP HANA’s real-time decision-making capabilities. Usha, a consumer durables company in India, experienced a 50 percent decrease in inventory by leveraging SAP HANA to provide greater control and visibility over its supply chain.

Around the world, businesses are finding SAP HANA delivers value to the business. And many are implementing it through managed hosting. Here’s why:

It’s Cheaper.

Managed hosting ensures you see a return on implementation by foregoing the investment in equipment and payroll of hosting on-premises. Using a managed-hosting provider has been known to “achieve 18 percent cost savings over three years compared to in-house IT”, according to Network World.

It’s Faster to Implement.

Not only is managed hosting an efficient use of cash; it also greatly reduces initial implementation time. Rather than ordering custom machines to be built from select SAP-approved vendors that then require your own staff to configure, a hosting provider can give you ready-made equipment run by IT staff seasoned in SAP HANA. This takes months off the time to market so your organization can get a crucial head start optimizing applications and processes.

In the end, managed hosting saves time by getting SAP HANA up and running more quickly and money by reducing the staff otherwise needed to run and maintain your data centers. If you need help choosing a provider, please check out the blog series “Factors to Consider when Choosing an SAP HANA Managed Hosting Provider.”

We’re happy to talk about your unique situation. If you have any questions about SAP HANA running on Savvis infrastructure, please email us at sap@savvis.com.

Tim Beerman is vice president, managed hosting business unit, at Savvis, a CenturyLink company.

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