Spatial Processing with SAP HANA

Balaji Krishna

Posted by Balaji Krishna on September 19, 2013

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SAP released HANA SP6 recently and with one of the recent revision of SAP HANA we have delivered the HANA Spatial features as part of the platform. This enables organizations to store their Geospatial data along with Business data in the same instance of HANA. By extending the HANA Platform capabilities customers can perform operations on spatial data like calculating the distance between geometries, determining the union or intersection of multiple objects. These calculations are performed using predicates such as intersects, contains, and crosses

HANA Spatial delivers the ability to store and process geospatial data types like ST_POINT, ST_GEOMETRY etc. These data types allow application developers to associate spatial information with their data. For example, a table representing companies could store the location of the company as a point, or store the delivery area for the company as a polygon. This could be represented in SQL as:

SELECT * FROM LocationsWHERE DeliveryArea.ST_Contains( new ST_POINT(1,1) ) = 1h


By combining the Spatial engine with other HANA engines like Predictive, Planning, and Text Search etc. customers can apply complex algorithms to the combined data set and derive deep insights. SAP HANA also delivers Nokia mapping services as part of the HANA Spatial features and this can be used to create apps using HANA XS engine thru which Nokia mapping services can be called using the Nokia API.

Once Spatial data is loaded into HANA you can create or extend HANA models (Analytic, Calc Views) using HANA Studio and make these models available for analysis and visualization thru SAP Lumira or custom HTML5 applications. SAP HANA SQL script has been extended to support the Spatial SQL MM Standards for storing and accessing geospatial data


SAP is also working closely with ESRI to integrate SAP HANA with ArcGIS desktop so that ESRI can connect to SAP HANA similar to the way it currently does with other databases. More details around this integration will be available later in the year.

Customers can refer to SAP Note1872108 to learn more about HANA Spatial and also download the documentation. Other resources available on are,

Overview Video –

Demo with Nokia & Esri maps-

Blackboard Video –

Several SAP HANA Startups and Partners are taking advantage of these HANA Spatial features available on HANA One on AWS to build end-to-end HANA apps using XS engine.

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