Take Your Choice: How to Integrate SAP HANA as Smoothly as Possible Into Your Data Center

Addi Brosig

Posted by Addi Brosig on September 24, 2013

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We started SAP HANA as a standardized and highly optimized appliance delivery offering you the possibility to choose between nine hardware suppliers. This approach offers you a well-defined hardware designed for the performance needs of an in-memory technology solution out of the box. The appliance delivery is your first choice if you are looking for a preconfigured hardware set-up and a preinstalled software package for a fast implementation done by your chosen hardware partner and fully supported by us.

The SAP HANA appliance delivery is pretty easy and comfortable, but of course it might bring some limitations regarding hardware flexibility and might have the need for some slightly adaptations of established IT operation processes. That’s the reason why we decided to offer you an additional approach named SAP HANA tailored data center integration to give you back the flexibility.

The freedom of choice regarding your SAP HANA hardware landscape is back to you. You like to know how to integrate SAP HANA as smoothly as possible into your data center? With SAP HANA tailored data center integration we help you to reduce hardware and operations cost by reusing existing hardware components and operation processes.

But we have to narrow the specifications of the hardware to insure the performance and stability. In that case the supported SAP HANA servers are the same as the certified appliance ones. But the change is in the storage. It’s possible to reuse existing enterprise storage and use it for multiple applications besides SAP HANA. That gives you the opportunity to work with the storage solution that is best for you.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. The customer is self-responsible for the system, beginning from the installation up to run the landscape with all the different parties.

SAP University provides you with certified schooling. With the completed SAP Certified Technology Specialist (Edition 2013) you are allowed to install SAP HANA on servers. This SAP HANA installation program will be available in autumn 2013 and will help you to understand SAP HANA better than before.

The knowledge about SAP HANA systems is a big advantage. Once you are a SAP HANA solution expert, you will be able to include your knowledge into the existing data center operation standards. After you have passed the schooling you will be responsible for every part of your SAP HANA system. Our SAP HANA tailored data center integration pilot was launched at SAPPHIRE Orlando this year and by now, we have served more than 50 very satisfied customers around the world.

Are you interested? Check out the overview presentation and the frequently asked questionnaire document on SAPHANA.com for further information on the program.

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