Why Wait for 100X Performance?

Posted by Robert Klopp on October 8, 2013

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The latest company to join the in-memory database party is Oracle with their 12c In-Memory Option. We might quibble here and there over features and implementation… in fact we will surely quibble. But right now, at this point in time, each of the top four database vendors: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP have agreed that in-memory databases are 100X faster than row stores for analytics. All are suggesting that eliminating aggregate tables reduces storage and memory consumption and that eliminating aggregates provides agility, improving your business intelligence. All are working to reduce the latency between recording transactions and analyzing their impact on the business.

In a world where a 2X performance advantage is enough to win a POC… why wait for 100X? In fact, why even do a POC? They just cost you time and money that can be better spent on your business. All of the vendors are in agreement around the 100X number. Pick the leader, check references and get on with it. It is 100X after all… it is not close.

Why Wait? You can get these benefits now… on an in-memory database with multiple hundreds of production implementations… on a maturing, solid, product. Why be the tenth customer in an early release program? Why wait for a feature due out “sometime in 2014” and then be customer ten? Why wait when SAP HANA is available now?

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