Smart Vending – The Future Will Be Connected and On Display at SAP TechEd!

Andrew Shriner

Posted by Andrew Shriner on October 10, 2013

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Imagine you are a consumer products company operating a network of tens of thousands of vending machines featuring your snack and beverage brands. You want to create a memorable retail experience for your customers, serve them the products they love, and run the entire operation profitably at scale.

But today you operate your vending machine business defensively—wasting replenishment and service visits based on a set schedule, rather than on real-time demand, which results in operational waste and missed sales opportunities from sold out items.

Enter SAP’s vision for Smart Vending.

Featured at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco and on display at SAP TechEd Las Vegas and TechEd Amsterdam, Smart Vending brings together Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, and Analytics to create a compelling vision of the future of consumer engagement and an exciting demonstration of the inherent power of the Internet of Things’ (IoT) connected future.

Based on the SAP HANA real-time data platform, SAP’s Smart Vending solution provides brands the opportunity to engage with their customers in highly personalized ways. Consumers can identify themselves with their smartphones, build profiles, connect to their friends, play social games, and receive promotions and offers tailored specifically to them—transforming the vending machine into an immersive retail experience.

But a stronger connection with the consumer and increased consumer engagement is just the beginning. Smart Vending powered by SAP HANA gives brands access to real-time management dashboards and visualizations, displaying a host of critical information, including up to the moment sales and maintenance information, delivering visibility across the entire network and at each individual machine.

Smart Vending’s predictive analytics capabilities power deep, actionable insights that increase sales by optimizing the product mix for each machine based on a host of dynamic factors such as hyper-local preferences, temperature, and even new product promotions. Furthermore, predictive maintenance and mobile workforce automation makes replenishment and service runs more efficient by forecasting machine downtime and automatically generating service and replenishment tickets.

With Smart Vending, your brand is not only able to increase efficiency, maximize revenue, and deliver compelling opportunities for consumer engagement, but also able to power brand new business channels, such as display advertising.

Come experience SAP’s Smart Vending vision for the future of consumer engagement and retail powered by SAP HANA at TechEd Las Vegas and TechEd Amsterdam. See you there!


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