Transportation & Logistics Co. Accelerates Analytical Reporting 5x, Enabling Faster More Informed Decision Making

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In fast moving industries, making ‘the right’ decision is not good enough. You have to make the right decision at the right time. A line of action that might have worked yesterday might be ineffective today – or worse, it could be counterproductive. While it might sound a bit cliched, success depends on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Organizations that can consistently do this reap significant advantage in today’s competitive environment.

The challenge can be daunting – especially for big companies. As organizations grow in size and complexity, agility and speed typically suffer disproportionately: information gets bogged down; decision makers are forced to act on incomplete information; inefficiencies creep into the works; ‘work arounds’ that may have sufficed at an earlier stage are no longer adequate.

This was the challenge confronting Russian Railways – a company with approximately one million employees responsible for transporting passengers and freight across a network that spanned 11 time zones. The information needed to manage the company’s vast operations was ‘out there’ – but how could management get the right information into the hands of key decision makers in a way that enabled them to operate more effectively?


When Russian Railways turned to SAP for help, they found a true partner. SAP provided the solutions and support needed help Russian Railways transform they ways in which information was delivered to company managers, enabling faster, more agile and effective decision making.

And through SAP ActiveEmbedded, Russian Railways used SAP Rapid Prototyping to test out its proposed SAP HANA implementation before fully committing to a large scale change in their mission-critical IT systems.


The results were impressive. Russian Railways significantly improved the speed by which information was made available to key decision makers, accelerating their ability to make informed decisions while keeping abreast of the current situation. And with the right information ready at hand, Russian Railways’ managers were able to reduce planning cycle time and accelerate decision making, enabling the company to significantly improve operational efficiency while enhancing effectiveness.

Bottom line – with the help of SAP HANA, SAP ActiveEmbedded, and SAP Rapid Prototyping, Russian Railways was better able to deliver because it had the tools needed to make faster, more agile decisions.


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