Startup Sucess for Approyo with 1Mx1M

The Approyo TeamI love the 1Mx1M team. Sramana Mitra assembled a team that provides us a real concrete platform to support our needs from positioning as an organization to the market positioning of our solution. We get support on promotional marketing, media reporting and interaction, support in providing a deeper understanding of the market opportunities, the gaps between our view and the real view. All from one team.

1st off, if you are a member of the SAP Startup Focus program you need to be in 1Mx1M.

We have been very fortunate to be a member for over 5 months now. We make sure to be a member that interacts, that listens in to the weekly calls and who does their ‘homework’.

There is so much quality that is provided for free as members of the Startup Focus program that at times we felt like our heads would explode from drinking from a fire house. But that’s the beauty of the program, it is a fire house but they help you control the flow that comes barreling at you.

From weekly calls with the group, to 1:1 sessions with Sramana, a great leader who has her stuff together, we are well on our way. There are days when you need a shoulder to literally cry on and when you need a stiff boot up your backside.

Always there is a hand to help you up, a guiding light a kind voice and a hand to help.

As a current participant in the 1Mx1M, I highly recommend to all start up’s to join the program, work with the 1M by 1M team, learn, grow and succeed.


Christopher Carter, Founder of Approyo, a SAP Startup Focus Member

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