Replay and Watch the 2013 SAP Big Data Chat Series

Posted by Alyce Lindquist on December 20, 2013

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“Is Big Data real?”

“Where is HANA and Hadoop going?”

“What is a data scientist?”

These are just a few questions that were asked and answered in the SAP Big Data Chat series. The online events were a unique combination of a Google Hangout plus Tweet Chat, and featured interactive chats with SAP executives, partners, and subject matter experts who answered questions from the audience live on video and on Twitter.

The entire series is now available as a sequence of video clips that can be viewed in chronological order, by topic, or by individual question and answer. Watch them all, or jump right to your favorite topic—from real-world customer examples, to technical questions about HANA and Hadoop, to finding out how your company can benefit from a data scientist.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:

SAP Big Data Chat: How SAP Makes Big Data Real

Speakers: SAP’s Steve Lucas and Timo Elliott

Event Details

YouTube Playlist

SAP Big Data Chat with Hortonworks

Speakers: SAP’s Irfan Khan and Timo Elliott, with Ari Zilka CTO Hortonworks

Event Details

YouTube Playlist

SAP Big Data Chat: The Data Scientist

Speakers: SAP’s David Ginsberg, Shekhar Iyer, and Timo Elliott

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